The Many Benefits of Home Staging:

Studies show that a staged home appeals to a larger audience, assists with a quicker sale and gives you a better return on your investment. What could be better?

When you have you home staged there are a few essentials that you need. First, have a fresh set of “trained” eyes to look at your home and determine it’s features and flaws. From, there and experienced home stage will highlight the features or sometimes even create them and distract from any flaws by drawing attention elsewhere.

It all starts with depersonalizing your home so that more buyers can picture themselves living there. Then comes the neutralizing of the space, through colour and often times de-cluttering the rooms. From there, the home stager will add drama where needed with accessories to give your home that much needed WOW factor.

Having a professional come in and stage a home varies according to how much work is needed. Home stagers often rent the furniture, purchase accessories including carpets, lamps, and the right pieces to create drama and mass appeal.

Stagers may bring in art, or choose a new paint colour, or even assist you with purchasing new pieces which will work with your new home decor as well. Your stager should also include a list of items which will help in selling your home, for example some need a reminder to add a new light bulb or pain the front door, it all depends on your individual home’s needs.

Then, of course there is that budget to consider- everyone has one! No matter if you are just paying for the stager’s time, and receive a list of to-do’s and don’t or if you need to full gamut, a staged home is a sold home, just ask the experts! check with just about any Realtor these days and they will tell you having a staged home makes their job much easier and allows then to focus on marketing and negotiating the sale of your home.

Having you home staged makes it appear like a model home and isn’t that how we all visualize our homes to be?

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